Attn: Apple Scrumpers - it's scrumping season!

The  almost  complete barn and tasting room

The almost complete barn and tasting room

As I write this, I don’t know where the summer has gone. It’s now the middle of October and we are in the middle of apple season in the County. Our summer has been extremely busy - work in the orchard, bottling the 2017 cider, getting our license, working on design & with the contractor getting our production & tasting room space finished. It should be finished this week & we are so excited to move out of our tiny workshop and have some space to move around before apple pressing starts for this harvest.

Which brings me onto my main thought - we are still looking for wild apples and pears to make a batch of PEC cider with unique PEC fruit. I would love to craft a beverage from fruit that can only be found in this amazing County. If we find some awesome tannic but sweet wild apples, we can graft them onto rootstock and keep them going in our orchard (if you find that amazing apple, you can even help choose the name!!!)

Let’s see what we can make with the fruit no one wants to each in the hedgerows and lawns of the area. I know that the fruit load on many of the wild trees is light this year (a hard frost last winter? biennial trees? poor pollination? so many reasons why!). Some of the early apples have dropped, but it is the ones that are ripe now that we are really interested in as they tend to be more flavourful. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • We will pay you by the bushel to bring us your unsprayed/uncultivated apples (no pesticides/insecticides). $20 / bushel of apples or pears; $30 / bushel if they are quarter sized or smaller.

  • An apple can have a cut or bruise, but absolutely no rots allowed - one bad apple can turn an entire bushel.

  • We must have a photograph of the tree (you can email it to

  • You will also need to sign an invoice with the tree location indicated (licensing reasons - I will have an invoice book here).

  • You can measure the volume of your apples in bushels at the cidery & we can decant from your containers into our bins once measured.

A half bushel basket - about 3/4 full

A half bushel basket - about 3/4 full

We will accept apples at our farm at 890 Danforth Rd, starting on Sunday, October 14th until Friday, October 26th. Please email to arrange a time to drop off the apples. If you have apple trees but don’t have the inclination or facility to pick the apples, please get in touch.

Please make sure you get the landowners permission to pick any apples you see :) Be safe while picking - easiest way to pick a seedling tree is to get some tarps, lay them down on the ground and use something to shake the branches (broom pole, etc). Any ripe apples will fall easily onto the tarp. Watch your head when shaking!