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Tasting Room

Sip and Enjoy in Style


Something Special To Drink

The tasting room at Settlers Cider Company is open to the public for tasting flights and glasses:

Thurs/Fri/Sun: 11am - 5pm

Sat: 11am - 6pm 

If you would like to enjoy our cider, we ask that you make sure you have a designated driver to safely take you home (there are plenty of great wine tour companies in Prince Edward County - get in touch and we can point you in the right direction). We can’t wait to see you at our orchard - we know you’ll love it here.


Something Special To Eat

Enjoy an authentic locally made Cornish pasties with your glass of cider. 

What is a pasty (‘pah-stee’)?

Fully encased in delicious shortcrust pastry, pasties are baked with a filling of local beef, potatoes & swede (rutabaga). A meal in your hand. Ours are locally made by the County Pasty Company.

Cider and pasties were made for each other. Two great traditions that come from the same place. Pasties are staple food from the South West of England (Devon & Cornwall) and are thought to have been in Cornwall for centuries. The Cornish miners used to take them as their lunch meal, using the side crimping as the handle to stop their lunch getting dirty in their hands.

More recently, Cornish pasties have become part of modern Britsh culture. They were a favourite of Settlers Cider owners, Sara & Gary when coming out of the pub on the way home in London. Before his time in London, Gary lived for years in Plymouth, Devon whilst serving with the Royal Marines & the pasty culture there is strong. 

Groups & Events

Learn About Our Cider With Your Friends

We know you love to come to Prince Edward County with your friends to enjoy everything it has to offer. We would love to host you! Contact us if you have a group over 6 people and would like to visit. Buses and coaches are by appointment only.
Our modern barn space is also available for private events, please get in touch to discuss the options.